D-Gouger Review

055OK, I’ll admit it…I catch my fair share of catfish. Truth be told. I probably catch your share too. I’m also not too good with using most de-hookers. Since having had a barb cut my knuckle I have put away my shorter de-hookers.

That is why I was pleased when Norton Brass Rattle (makers of the Bullet Brass Rattler Spoon and the Fish Gripper previously reviewed here on SaltyShores) sent me their De-gouger. As soon as I saw it I noticed it was a good bit longer than many inshore dehookers on the market being 14 1/2 inches long (plenty long enough to keep my knuckles from a barb).
The action to unhook a fish was simple for me. I just held the line tight and pushed the forks around the hook While keeping pressure on the D-Gouger I made a quarter turn and the hook was free. It was also used holding the fish with the Fish Gripper and using the same action the hook was dislodged. The packaging said that it was for unhooking hooks 2/0 and larger but I had no issues unhooking a 1/0 circle hook also.

I did make a simple alteration on it though. I drilled a hole through the end of the nylon handle to be able to run a lanyard through to keep from losing it.
Another nice stocking stuffer. They are available at many local Tackle shops for $8.95 (if yours does not have it, ask for it) or you can order it from http://www.nortonbrassrattler.com/index.html