Carbon Fiber Pliers Review

carbon fiber pliers

By: Dale Snead

I was very interested in the 7.5 inch Prolite-OS composite  fishing pliers from Composite Reel Company
( ) that were introduced at this year’s ICAST and was looking forward to reviewing them.

It was like Christmas morning for me when they came in the mail. The first thing that struck me was “They are light!” The weight? 4.5 ounces! They came with a holster and lanyard attached. All seemed to be of high quality and good workmanship. Even the threads on the holster were uniformed without any defects. The lanyard was attached (with the option to attach either side of the holster or pliers)  to the holster and the pliers with heavy duty clips. It opened and closed well and in alignment. I don’t think you have to be concerned with the spring action being weak as they held good pressure.

Since the weather had not been cooperative as of late I was able to tie and retie knots and leaders. I exclusively used these pliers to do this. They cut through the mono and flouro (15lb – 80lb) like it was not there. Many offer that their products cut braid well. This one delivers. I cut braid from 6lb to 50lb without a second cut. I was getting carried away with the cutting and decided to get out my old king rigs. Without issue both the wire and cable were cut cleanly by the Tungsten carbide cutter(which can be replaced when they wear out). Did I mention they were light too?

When tying knots the Stainless steel tips (replacements also available) held onto the line securely (another person I was showing the pliers to could not get them to grip into 20lb braid as if he were tying a Bimini Twist – I guess I had “the touch” because I could not reproduce it, they worked for me).

My final bad weather application involved crimping the barbs, both a delicate and brute force application. Again, they performed well.

Finally the weather lifted and I was able to get out. Numerous fish were caught and  the pliers were used to get the hooks out. Again, they performed flawlessly. No slippage. In addition I found the lanyard plenty long without being too long. I must admit, I had to look down a couple of times to be certain I was still wearing them. I mentioned they are light, didn’t I?

I have owned many pliers. Everything from the floating ones to metal from cheap ones to mid range ones. These pliers are the best of both worlds – extremely light (I wondered if the lanyard attached was needed to keep them from floating away into thin air) and like the metal ones durable enough to handle the abuse we put them through.

The list price is $149.95 but I can tell you I can put my hands on 6 other pliers ( total value over $150) I own that no longer go out because they just don’t do what they should – poor design, rusts even though I have cleaned them, lack of ability to cut braid, lack of power, ect… Furthermore I can not tell you the number that sit at the bottom of the ocean.

Time will tell as to how long they will last, as it does with most things in life, but these pliers are without a doubt the finest I have ever used. They are available online and a few other outlets including our own Indian Rocks Tackle in Indian Rocks, FL and, one of my favorites on the East Coast, The Back Country Tackle Shop in Vero Beach, FL. Not too late to see if Santa cann’t get some for your stocking.

-Dale Snead