Norton Bass Rattler Spoons Review

I received a Norton Brass Rattler after the ICAST show that was held in Orlando recently and finally found the time to test it out the other night. To tell the truth, I was a bit skeptical.  Not anymore, over 100 inches of Redfish, Snook and Trout will change your mind real quick.

Conditions: Afternoon, mid 80’s.  Water temp, mid 70’s. Lite winds.  Incoming tide.

Equipment: Quantum Boca 7’6” BCIS 76IM  medium action  rod.
Quantum Catalyst PT20 Inshore Reel, 10 lb Power Pro, 25 lb Seagar Florocarbon leader

Lure: Norton Brass Rattler, 2 ¼”  7/16 oz  Pearl and Gold Flake.

“Norton Brass Rattler spoons are made to cast like a bullet. The rattle chamber is made from real pistol brass. The 5/8″ is from 38 cal., and the 7/16″ is from 32 cal. Both transmit loud clicking sound waves similar to frightened shrimp, crabs and crawfish combined with the bait fish rainbow finish provoke savage attacks from redfish, specks, bass, and other game fish. The unique long life weed guard on the weedless models is made from nylon-coated stainless steel cable.”

The first thing you notice about this unique lure is the rattle.  Made from an empty bullet shell, it makes a dull clicking sound when worked properly.  The other thing I really thought was different was the weed guard.  Made from coated stainless steel cable is completely flexible and can be rigged on or off the hook. After a full afternoon of use, it did get a little mis-shaped, but it is easily adjusted back to its original form.  Given regular use, I would use a slightly stiffer rod, as the heavier weight of the lure was a little bit too much for my medium action rod.  Like the website says, it casts like a bullet.  I found that you could really cast this lure a long way, even into a slight breeze.  The retrieve was much quicker than other spoons in order to obtain that back and forth wobble action that is desired in spoon lures. The hook set was really easy, and I found the hook stayed extremely sharp, even after numerous redfish.  The actual spoon part is made from a hard plastic which held up really well.  Some of the gold flakes wore off, but overall the finish held up great. I also like the contrasting red on the inside of the lure.

Overall, I was impressed with this lure.  Like I said, I didn’t have high expectations at first.  But after using this unique lure, I would highly recommend it to anyone.