Super Stick Push Pole review by Bill Howard

Super Stick Push Pole

Ever wish you had a push pole you could use on your boat as well as a kayak? Something that was very portable and easy to stow? Well look no further, the Superstick is what you are looking for.  I tested one of these push poles for several days and I have to tell you, it’s a pretty slick product.

I tested the push pole out recently on the flats of Tampa Bay in my Malibu Stealth 14 kayak.  I found it easy to manage once extended.  The telescoping feature allows you to pick the length that you want to use, which comes in handy in tight areas such as creeks or mangrove tunnels.

Superstick Push Poles are fiberglass, telescopic, and available in two sizes: the Superstick 9-17 (which can be locked at any length from 9 feet to 17 feet), or the Superstick 6-12 (which can be locked at any length from 6 feet to 12 feet). With a flip of the patented positive locking device, you can easily select the length of the Superstick.  I tested the 6-12 model.

The Superstick comes as a kit which includes the following, Superstick Push Pole, universal gig attachment, detachable duck foot, two storage clips, spike end cap and a Superstick decal.

Another unique quality of the Superstick is the detachable foot.  It has a simple push pin that once depressed allows you to remove the foot and attach a variety of different attachments ranging from a spare paddle blade, a threaded scrub brush adapter, even a flounder gig.  Check the website out for the full line of attachments available.

The traditional style foot made it just a little difficult to store when not in use though. I found that I could slide it up between my seat straps and the rear bungee cords in my tank well.  You could always use your paddle bungee to hold it in place.  This traditional style foot also caused enough drag to slow my forward progress down while poling, but I wouldn’t think it would be a problem in a heavier boat where you have more mass going through the water.  A more streamline style of foot would be just the ticket for a kayak. The Superstick has a pointed end as most push poles do, so it could double has a stakeout pole if need be.  It comes with a rubber cover for this end, which is what I used while in the kayak.  I was able to pole along at speeds of around 3 mph which is pretty good in a kayak, especially while poling.

Overall I was very pleased with the Superstick.  it’s a great product and would make a great addition to any anglers arsenal.  Look for it online or in your next Cabelas Spring 2010 catalog.