Dolphin Gator Mullets

Sept 4th 2009

Today I made the drive down to the Everglades National park again.. this time just to take some photos and HD video of tarpon crashing bait. I got there way too eary and the tide was not moving very much. I did see some tarpon and even jump one on a top water plug but for the most part activity has been down since a couple days ago.

I was by myself with no gps so I really didn’t do much exploring today. When activity died down I noticed a dolphin feeding on mullets in 1.5′ of water. I motored right up to him and he didn’t seem to mind at all. I took some HD video of the activity and a few photos. Well actually lots of photos as he never did stop. I followed him around for about 40minutes. It was pretty cool being so close to it all. Even a 7′ alligator showed up to see what all the activity was about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an alligator and dolphin withing a few feet of each other in such shallow waters.

Photo notes: I got a few full frame shots but most of these has been cropped down.