Aliens in Islamorada

September 13, 2009

Large wandering eyes, big silver bodies, sickle cells on their backs, an uncanny sense of pissing off anglers world wide… Aliens, Professors, Jacks with PH.Ds, A-holes, or whatever nick name is given to the Permit, […]

Gheenoe LT 25 as reviewed by microskiff

September 9, 2009

Small, efficient, affordable are ways to describe Unlimited Glasswork’s Low Tide 25 or LT 25 for short. Based on father Harley Gheen senior’s original design from the late 1960’s. Son Harley “Pugar” Gheen Jr. produced […]

What to expect in Alaska in September.

September 5, 2009

Here is my attempt at writing a short to the point cliff notes version of what to expect in Alaska, if you do decide to take a trip there. Not that I’m a big expert […]

Dolphin Gator Mullets

September 4, 2009

Sept 4th 2009 Today I made the drive down to the Everglades National park again.. this time just to take some photos and HD video of tarpon crashing bait. I got there way too eary […]