As a child growing up near Baltimore, MD Brad’s love for fishing began. Being a couple hours from the Chesapeake Bay and its waterways, he primarily fished freshwater ponds and lakes for anything that would bite. That didn’t stop Brad from hitting the bay and beaches for a little action, but the lack of time spent fishing was just not sufficient to become knowledgeable of those local waters and fishing tactics. Still, during every summer vacation, Brad and his dad would always do some sort of surf fishing for anything they could find in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Chesapeake Bay; the two even caught blue crabs with their own traps, often feasting with family and friends. When living in Columbia, MD, walking to the local ponds with raw hot dogs, cheese, corn and bread was a regular occurrence for Brad. Catching catfish and bluegill became a daily routine. Finding crayfish in the local streams was his method for bass fishing, which became the new fixation. Next it was on to artificials; any freshwater pond or lake Brad could find was fished for a trophy bucketmouth. After growing older and having a child, he became devoted to his daughter; fishing slowly tapered off, and then became non existent. College was the new focus, with Brad taking as many writing classes as possible for credits on his way to an Associates of Applied Science degree. A stable job became the new way of life, with Brad working as an Automotive Technician and Insurance Claims Adjuster.

After moving to Florida in 2002 and meeting some experienced fisherman, Brad started to wade the flats of Sarasota in search of any fish possible. After catching a few nice snook and redfish, his bass fishing days would be over. There was nothing like drag screaming during a long battle with these fish from the shallow waters of the bay. Brad’s passion for fishing was back. After moving to the Ruskin, Florida area in 2004 and acquiring a boat, fishing became more than just a hobby for Brad. It was his goal to learn the local waterways of the bay, and catch as many fish as possible. The nearby South Shore became the primary waters to hone his skills. Snook, redfish, trout and tarpon are now his key targets, and he has successfully learned how to fish for these fish of the flats.  Over the years, Brad’s knowledge base has grown as well as fishing skills. Angling has helped him make many new friends, and has also brought out the love of writing he currently possesses. Presently, Brad takes pride in writing about the outdoors, and documents his experiences; he want’s to share knowledge with anyone he can. With his writing method, his laid back nature and sense of humor are evident, and one will easily find out he is down to earth. Educating those who are beginning to fish the Tampa Bay area is his objective, and this benefits those who lack the skills needed to fish our little piece of paradise; in turn this helps us all.

Brad would love to turn his passion for writing into a career, and has written articles for Fishing, and is now currently writing for Salty In his spare time Brad loves watching all types of sports as well as movies. He enjoys spending time at the beach, hanging out with family and friends, and laying back with his two German Shepherds. Brad has an extensive music collection he is constantly adding to and a backyard barbeque while relaxing by the pool is right up his alley.