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Flats Jig

I noticed when ever there are questions asking about favorite lures the simple jig always make it near the top of pile. Since the jig is also my personal favorite(all around)  lure (especially for reds) I would like to do a jig head review this week.

There are so many different types of jig heads out there these days. There are trolling jigs, deep offshore butterfly jigs, pyramid jigs, and on and on. You can write a book about just the type of jigs and their uses. I am going to limit this review to jigs I’ve personally use on the flats of Tampa bay.

I’ve tried my share of jig heads in the pass 12 months. From all the varieties of freshwater ones, the ones you can only get off the net, off course all the ones available at Wal-Mart, local tackle shops, Basspro, and Sports Authority. It would take too long to go through them all so I’m just going to narrow it down to the 2 I’ve narrow my choices down to and why.

I mainly use 1/8th oz or 1/16oz as I usually fish for the most part in waters less than 3’. At times I would use 1/4th oz for waters 4’-10’ of water.

My jig head of choice is the Basspro “standup” or “shad head” jig head. They come in a variety of colors and weight from 1/8th to 1/2 oz. The hooks are strong Mustad Ultra Point and at $3.19 for 8 per pack it’s a bargain for such good quality jig heads. Most similar molded jig head available you will get 3 for the same price.

The shape of the head of these jig heads are great for inshore flats fishing. If you look at the curvature of head it makes the jig head semi weedless. They have a smooth upward curve to them which passes over grass quite effectively. The other design simply catches more grass and weeds. You can find similar design being used by DOA, Bass Assassin, Exude Mr. Twister, and a few others. The barb that holds the lure is also nice on this jig head. It has 3 of them which makes holding on to plastics really nice. And if you use gulp products they can get slippery and hard to stay on the jig head at times.

The only quality lacking in this jig head is the attached eyes. They come off fairly easy and sometimes out of the package the hooks are covered some with over dipped paint. That being said, I don’t think that matters much to the fish as I’ve caught plenty of fish with jig heads with no eyes and the paint almost gone.

I also use Mission Fishin jig heads. I especially like their 1/16oz ones. If I need to use 1/8 I will opt for the Basspro. Made in Florida, and found only in local tackle shops, the Mission Fishin is a high quality product. The hooks are very sharp and strong. The barb holds the plastics really well. The paint quality is excellent and last a lot longer than the BP jig heads. 2nd to none, there are lots of varieties of colors available. They are a bit pricey at $3-3.50 for 3 in a pack. I continue to buy them however as the quality is unquestionable.

To conclude the jig is one of best versatile lure ever invented. If I had to depend on one lure to survive on desert island, it would have to be a jig. You can use any jig head out there and they will all catch fish. My choices for the flats are the BP standup jig heads and the Mission Fishin as they will give you a slight advantage in design, quality and an overall value.

Bass Pro Standup
Action: 8
Hook quality: 8
Bait Barb: 9
Aesthetics (longevity of paint and looks / variety in colors and sizes):6

Mission Fishin
Action: 7
Hook quality: 9
Bait Barb:8
Aesthetics (longevity of paint and looks / variety in colors and sizes):9-10

Disclaimer: I am not a guide trying to book charters. I do not get kick back, paid or is sponsored by any of the goods products or services I’ve written about. I do not claim the products above are the end all and be all of anything. If I like a product, they are just products I’ve field tested (and spent lots of $ trying similar products, and willing to try more) and has proven to myself that they work and work well for my personal type of fishing(Tampa Bay). It is an unbiased  review please take it on it’s surface there is no hidden agenda no cloak and dagger no black helicopters.  =)