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Wingmaster Boats, the Sandpiper 150


Wingmater boats is a boat company out of Lakeland Florida. You guys probably have not heard of them but they have been building skiffs/boats for other companies for over 10 years.

This year they decided to start building their own line of boats. Their first boat is a micros skiff named the Sandpiper 150. It is named after the shore birds and the dimensions is 14 feet 8 inches with the widest point of the boat to be 52″.

With 25 years in experience in composite including the 10 just in boats they wanted to make something special. They wanted to build a quality boat and decided to start off by building everything with Carbon Kevlar.

Quite impressive considering most other boat companies charge extra for Kevlar.


Thought it is not a tunnel hull and does not run any shallower than other boats of this size, it does floats really skinny. Depending on load its draft is 4 to 6 inches. With a 15hp package I got up to 24mph with me at 200lbs and my friend Josh who weighs in at 250lbs plus gear.


That boat has a poling platform and like the boat is also made out of carbon. The chine on the on the front was a little concern to me. I was thinking that it might made for some some hull slap. However with an angler up front, the chine goes under the water line and the boat is very quiet. I would think the same goes if you had a trolling motor up front and you are the only angler.


The package they are selling it with included the Carbon Kevlar boat, the 15 hp 4 stroke Tohatsu motor and custom built aluminum trailer for a $7995.00. Compare to everything else it sounds like a pretty good price point. If you don’t want the motor or already have one, they do sell the hull and trailer for $6195. They do not sell the boat with out the custom trailer at this time.


Besides running it to get some pics, I have not fished out of it yet. I am waiting for a trolling motor to be installed. After this I will be taking it on a fishing road trip to get even more media. Can’t wait to get some fish slime on it.

3wm sandpiper 150skiff

This is me running the Sandpiper 150 using the gopro hero 4 in slow motion mode at 120fps at 1080p

Aerial of the Sandpiper 150

Willie Nillie Pompano Jigging , testing and catching and bridge fishing tips

Oct 2nd 2014:


So today I was suppose to have a shoot but late last night it got canceled on me. The boat was ready, the gear was ready the weather and tides were great so I figured I call up an old friend and go fishing.

Hank never said no to fishing when he’s not busy with other plans.

Of we go to the boat ramp at about 8am.  I wanted to try some new pompano jig I got sent. It’s called the Willie Nillie. As far as shape it’s nothing new, just a  hook and weights. What makes it different was the flashy paint that was put on them to make them glitter in the water.

Willie Nillie Pompano jig

Willie Nillie Pompano jig

I figured this would get more attention from the fish. With the pressure Tampa Bay has on fishery I figured every little bit helps.


First to get landed on the Willie Nillie was this 25lb Black drum. Hanked had hooked a bigger on before this but it snapped it’s line. I hooked two more after this guy and and it dragged me into the piling and eventually snapped my line as well.

Between the jacks, snappers and lady fish we started getting in the pompano.




We got some big ones up to 14″ to the fork.




By 11am it was getting hot and we had almost reach or limit so we packed it up and called it a good day of last minute fishing.


The Willie Nillie definitely worked…… does it work better than a regular pompano jig? I really  can’t say but to me every little bit helps if you can get that small edge.


Since the lure is new I asked where it can be found and they tell me Tampa Fishing Outfitters will be carrying them very soon.


The jig is made by Wahoo lures out of Punta Gorda Florida.


Pompano Bridge fishing tips:

  • Get as close the piling as you can.
  • Along with the jig use a teaser(a fly)
  • Make sure you get to the bottom.
  • Casting under the structure is a must when the bite is slow.
  • Try not to hit the bridge, it will bend the hook. You can bend it back with pliers but after so many times it will weakened and break.
  • Bring a de-hooker to avoid hooks in the hands. These guys are slippery.


Fishing with the Patrick Sebile and the New Flat Belly Walker top water lure

This week I had International fishing celeb and friend Patrick Sebile call me up and wanted to do some fishing. He was going to be in town for the day and wanted to fish Tampa Bay for the first time.

Patrick has always been cool with me and it’s always good to fish with a friend.  Usually when we are on the same boat before I was the camera person for the day but today I was to be the captain.

2014-09-29 07.27.43We met up at sunrise  7am. Patrick having to drive from Ft. Pieced was there on time like a true fisherman should.


2014-09-29 07.28.24

Not too long after we launch were greeted with a “full double rainbow all the way.”

2014-09-29 07.32.11-2

Being that Patrick Sebile founder of of Sebile lure was on my boat I wanted to catch fish with his new lure this year the Flat Belly Walker top water lure.  The concept of this lure is the ability to have less effort when walking the dog due to it’s flat surface on the bottom.

The lure walked the dog nicely and have nice rattle to it. And at only $6.99 for a Sebile lure it is priced very nice.


2014-09-29 08.12.15

Thought I thought it was a bit big, Patrick stuck with the 115mm stick shad the entire morning.  He had plenty of sticks and follows but most of them came off.

2014-09-29 11.57.23

My first game fish on the Flat Belly Walker was this beautiful 37″ snook.

2014-09-29 18.02.12


This day the bite was consistent but the fish was not aggressive due the slow flowing out going tide we had to fish in.

About lunch time we called it a good day of catching up and of course fishing. I will do my best to try to fish the east coast soon and hopefully catch a little bit of the mullet run before it’s all over.

First impressions of the Lowcountry

South Carolina, commonly known to us sportsman as the “lowcountry”; is a part of the world rich in history, good food, great fishing, and that good ole’ southern hospitality of the true south. I had an opportunity to make my first visit to the lowcountry this early Fall. This was a great opportunity to live all the great things I had always read and heard about via old writings, bayside discussions, and social media. I spent a couple days in Beaufort and then in Charleston, taking part in some flood tide and lowtide fishing, cast and blasting, and without a doubt the best southern food this foodie has ever tasted.

The floodtide was a completely new experience itself. I witnessed the giant tides flush into the spartina marsh and fill in the once dry fields of spartina grass teaming with fiddler crabs and snails.


As the water rose, redfish began to snake their way into the grass, subtlety pushing over blades of grass like ninjas, sneaking into clearings and tailing on fiddler crabs.




And as the tide rose up and covered up the tails of redfish, it marked time to stow away the fly rods and replace it with a shotgun in hand. Shooting birds out of a flats skiff was a definite first and definitely won’t be the last. Rather then be stealthy, the name to this game is to make your presence known, flushing marsh hens (clapper rails for those curious about what they actually are) out of the grass, allowing us to take the shot. This is a practice rich in history to itself.




The cast and blast experience in the lowcountry was greatly complimented with some of the most beautiful coastal scenes I had ever witnessed.






Special thanks to my hosts for making my first visit really special:
Capt. Owen Plair (http://www.redfishbeaufort.com/)
Will Abbot (http://www.floodtideco.com/)
Andy and Connie Villacres
Len and Jeannie Villacres

I will be back very soon…
LAU_6362There is something on the very right I’ll have along with me next.


Lunker trout Tampa fishing with Capt. Stephen

Got an invite to go out and do a little scouting with Capt. Stephen of No Worries Charters this fine  Saturday  morning. With us was Stephen’s friend Vinny.


The air was brisk. It is indeed starting to feel like fall. As we idle out with saw some finger mullets and chased them around for a bit. After a throw to put a few bait int he live well we moved on to see what we can find.


All I brought with me was my camera, one rod and a couple top waters. It was going to be a short day  so bringing lots of gear just was not in the cards.



It didn’t take us long as my first cast was exploded on with a nice jack.  The cast over the rock pile paid off. The boys pulled a couple small snooks and lady fish.

We worked the shore line as the tides funnels out. I have to say the top water the lure of choice today. I landed a small snook and lost a nicer one a bit later.

Stephen using the jig got his trout and black drum.  Vinny was getting hits but his hooks was defective this day as they kept on coming unbutton.

My prized fish was the this chunky trout that slammed the TA Cross over top water.  I had lost a nice snook earlier so I was trying to be very very carely this baby. I loosen the drag as to not tear the hook out. Trout has very soft mouths so a heavy drag is not a good thing.






We ended the day scouting a near by flats for schools of redfish but all we found were large mullet every where.  By this time it was about lunch time and we called it a day.

The bite was excellent this morning. If only we had landed a couple of the big snook it would have been over the top. Thanks , Stephen we will get them snook next time!



96 fps slow motion of Vinny tossing the cast net. I then slowed it down more in post using Sony Vegas editing software.

Panasonic GH4 First Video , a very cinematic look

New Tool for filming is the Panasonic GH4 that shoots in 4k video.

This video was shot today using the adapter to use Nikon lens. I used the Nikon 24-70 mm 2.8.

I’m just starting to learn this camera but so far at only $1695.00 it is an excellent video tool.

It has rave reviews with video comparable to cameras costing some times thousands more.

Here is the same footage but rendered in 4k instead of 1080

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