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Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, LA

The fishing in Louisiana is only good in two spots, offshore and inshore. If you like you catch, instead of fishing, you need to check Louisiana once.

Here is clip I shot of the lodge while I was there last week.

Though the lodge only has guides to do inshore, the offshore is amazing there.

Besides catching bull reds all day you can catch Tunas as close in as 5 miles from the mouth of the river along with cobia, triple tail, kings .. .etc etc. If you drive, bring a cooler.

Anisa fishing Jewelry video

You guys probably know Anisa Stewart, from her awesome fishing jewelry.

Many probably do not know that her and her mom makes every single one by hand from design, polishing it up and boxing them right here in Ft. Myers Florida.

This video was shot at her house/office a couple weeks ago before I headed to Venice, LA . I finally had a chance to finish it up this morning. Hope you guys like it.

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L2Fish: Mighty Mount Mod

Great tip on how to remove the flex in the GearTrac on the L2Fish paddle board when using a “boom type” camera mount or to give a rod holder more support.

Click on this link to get the part you need:  Mighty Mount




Delorme inReach Keeps You “In Reach”


After moving to Florida in 2013, I joined a group of kayakers called the WaterTribe. They compete in extreme adventure-style kayak races across various bodies of water in the United States. The WaterTribe has an extensive list of required gear and a SPOT tracking device as well as a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) are part of the required equipment. I completed my first Everglades Challenge event in 2014. That particular race runs ~300 miles from Tampa Bay to Key Largo. At the start of the Everglades Challenge 2015, due to several rescues made by the US Coast Guard and other municipalities, the race was cancelled.

While I was still on the beach waiting for a fellow competitor to load his kayak, I personally observed the frustration and stressful moments expressed by race management as the events unfolded. During the back and forth communication, between race management and the USCG, it was very obvious their was a problem that needed to be addressed. The USCG demanded the race be put on a, “weather hold” and competitors were to immediately get to shore and wait for further instructions. Unfortunately, communication between race management and the competitors was an issue, and this was not as easy as it sounds.

Competitors were out of VHF radio range, from the handheld units race management on the beach, which left race management with no way to communicate directly with competitors. The only thing that could be done, was to call their cell phone and/or leave a message.

It was close to 5pm in the evening when my fellow competitor decided that we would just travel on to Key Largo just cruising and camping. As I made my way across Tampa Bay I thought about the days events and started looking into options which would have made what happened, a non-issue. Currently, the SPOT tracking device which is required for each vessel, it has its limitations. It sends information to let race management track progress and allows for the competitor to call for help if needed and check in, sending an “Ok” message whenever the “Ok” button is pressed. As you can see the dilemma here, it only provides ONE-WAY communication and even at that, it only guarantees the tracking location of the vessel, not the location of the competitor, as the SPOT is only required to be attached to the vessel not the competitor.

After a little research on the internet, I came across the Delorme inReach unit. Their are 2 models, the SE and Explorer. These do everything the SPOT tracker does, and a lot more!
The main point I want to make here is that these units allow for 2-way communication through a better infrastructure using the Iridium Satellite system.

I contacted the company and have worked with them to get to this point. I used one of their Explorer demo units for over a month. It was tested in the wet environment of my Hobie Tandem Island and Paddle Board outings. I used it mounted on my mountain bike and even during road trips attached to a RAM mount on my windshield. I was very impressed with all of the extra functions that it provides over a SPOT, plus the way it allows for interaction on social media.

Social Media I


pairedUsing the Earthmate app and a smartdevice, it can be paired through bluetooth and it gives makes using this unit a piece of cake. I have created some hyperlinks if you’d like more information on these. However, my focus is on how this device could improve safety and tracking for the WaterTribe events. I thoroughly tested out the units communication ability, durability and battery life. The 2-way communication is a real bonus here. I learned it is possible that a mass message could be send to all competitors at once from race management and responses could be sent from competitors. Even the USCG could send messages to the competitors f they felt so compelled.

While you can not just change batteries like the SPOT, this unit is easily recharged using any simple external battery like the GoalZero Flip 10. The unit when set to 10 minute interval tracking mode has a 120hr. life. 

Delorme is also looking to do some proof of concept testing and the ability to host a Map Share page with all the WaterTribe competitors for each event. If you currently have an inReach unit and would be interested in participating in a trial let me know and I will add you to the list. This would also solve and issue of the SPOT tracking page problems in recent past. The company is hopeful that this would be available and fully functional by EC2016.

Here are a couple of examples of situations where this unit would have benefited a WaterTriber:

Last year during the Black Beard Challenge in NC, I was the shore contact for Kayakman7. He was 10 miles from checkpoint 1, around 3am when his rudder was damaged, and made his way to an uninhabited island. He was lucky that he had cell phone service, and was able to call me. However, if he hadn’t he would have had to use his SPOT or PLB to call for help from the USCG. This would have been expensive, as the USCG would have rescued him, and he would have had to get a salvage company to get the boat at a later time.

Which brings me to the WaterTribe members that had to be rescued by the USCG around the tip of Florida. They had no other boat traffic to call out to help for and had no cell service. They were anchored 5 miles south of East Cape, west of Flamingo. After spending a few miserable hours in the boat in some very bad conditions, they had to call for help. They were rescued by the USCG and they left the boat anchored. Unfortunately, when they went back for the boat it was gone.

I truly believe that the inReach device would have allowed for these guys to request specific help and they would have been able to safely make their way back to Flamingo with their vessel.

As with any tracking device their are plans to choose from and you have the flexibility to choose the one that works best with your activity level. You will find links to all information below.

Delorme has graciously offered a priority code for the WaterTribe members to use and receive a 25% discount on the unit and select accessories when purchased from their website: Delorme  When checking out, enter the priority code: WATERTRIBE  *This code will only be active through Sunday August 30th.

I have ordered mine and was impressed with the process and timeliness it was delivered. I look forward to any comments you have or experiences regarding these units you would like to share.

*** One thing I need to mention is that the discount does not apply to the inReach Extreme Communication Kit bundles. This is because the bundles are already discounted and they aren’t able to do further reductions on those.***

Here are links to more information regarding the units, Earthmate App and service plans.

What is inReach?

Earthmate App

Product Information, Explorer

Product Information, SE

Product Subscription Plans

Mounting Accessory: Amazon



Snook eating at 5 Lb Bass video by Capt. Danny Barrow

This is a clip of very a large snook looking to eat a 5lb bass. The video was by Captain Danny Barrow of this weekend on the east coast of Florida.

I guess there is really no such thing as a bait too big sometimes.

A Morning in Flamingo, Florida with Captain Benny Blanco by Jan Maizler







A Morning in Flamingo, Florida with Captain Benny Blanco


Jan Maizler


This last Friday I fished with J.P. Broche on a writers outing under the guidance of Captain Benny Blanco on his Hells Bay Professional. Though there were tons of floating grass, we released four tarpon, two tripletail, two snook and two redfish. We lost count of the tarpon we jumped.  Benny really put us on the fish ! Here’s a quick photo recap.






















Captain Benny Blanco






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