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Triple tail fishing with Captain Scott Lum and Jessica 4.12.2015

Apparently I did not know this.. but 12 of the 19 IGFA Triple tail world record has came out of Canaveral Florida. I was informed of this fact when I had a chance to fish with Captain Scott Lum last week.

Scott loves triple tail fishing and at one time held an IGFA record himself. This time of yeah he consistently gets on the triple tail bite using shrimp pilchards and my favorite artificial lures.


It was a beautiful morning with a slight over cast skies. The wind was from the east which made it a bit rough on the Atlantic ocean side but it was definitely do able. Scott tells me he likes day like today. It keeps many people off the water and the fish just seems to bite better.


I met up with Scott and his friend Jessica a fun day of triple tail fishing. After he got some extra shrimp we helped him launch the 23′ Contender. I was glad were in a bitter boat versus a day boat on rough days like this. I have camera gear and definitely prefer to stay dry.


It didn’t take long before we started to get on fish. Scott rigged up a shrimp and I was used a Mission Fishin 3/4 oz jig head with a Savage Gear 3d shrimp. Scott keeps telling he likes lighter colors but I only had the darker avocado color on me.


After about 15 minutes the first fish came on board a nice keeper triple tail on my not so light Avocado colored 3d shrimp. I turned around and jokingly said “I’m showing you wrong on your home turf!”


The bite was very consistent and everyone started to catch some nice triple tails.  A couple was caught on live shrimp and for the most part the artificial lures did much better for us.

The big difference for me came when I changed out to the 1/2 oz 3d Manic shrimp in the glow color.  I must have caught 7 triple tail on it before loosing it to snag.




The biggest fish came in at 74 cm. We know this because we had an IGFA ruler on board. The current length record is 69cm. Yes I would have held the new IGFA triple tail length record except for one technicality.  The length record is catch and release only and we kept the fish for dinner.





Overall we caught probably 20 triple tail this day.  This day will go down as the best triple tail fishing I have ever had and they I almost had the IGFA length record.








Scott tells me the next couple months the triple tail fishing is quite consistent and that 74 cm is not uncommon to catch this time of year.  I will definitely have to back and try again.

Here is a fun video I shot of the day’s fishing action.

Were All Gettin’ Laid…..Up!

This time of year is prime season for “laid-up” Tarpon. Fishing the west central area can have its ups and downs but lately we have been on the up and up. Tarpon are starting to come out of the rivers and work their way onto the flats and stage in river mouth basins.

When targeting these early season fish it is best to remain stealthy and be very aware of your surroundings. The murky river water makes it hard to see these laid-up fish and you may end up spooking them before you can get a shot. They may sit on the surface or on the bottom depending on their mood. At times they may even sit with their tail slightly out of the water like a redfish would on the flats.  (Can you see the fish in the photo below?)

Glades 4-2015 (2 of 11)

When presenting a fly or artificial lure to these wary fish be sure to keep a safe distance and use a very subtle fly or weightless lure. More times than not these fish want the fly/lure just inches away from their nose, seeing how they want to exert the least amount of energy possible. Start throwing about 2.5′  in front of their face and if they don’t react try the next cast about half the distance until you get a reaction. I will often just let the fly/lure fall in front of their face and not even move it, this can often be the most successful tactic to trigger a bite.

Tarpon Bug

*If I’m not throwing a fly I will use a 7′ Hogy lure on an Offset Weightless Hook.

laid up

When you get the bite hold on, set hard and smile!

Catch em up,



Drycase vacuum sealed waterproof phone case that fits almost any phone

If you are one of the non conformist you probably owns a not so popular smart phone. You already know that Lifeproof and other companies do not make a case for it. So what do you do when you want to get on the water but also want access to your phone?

There are plenty of zip lock bag like options out there but this product for $40 actually has a vacuum valve that totally seal your phone from water and it’s air tight.

All you do is put the phone in, use the included pump or your mouth to take drain the air and you have a water/air tight phone case. It’s that simple.

Amazon link:

Here is a candid video of my friend Butch demonstrating it in a parking lot a couple days ago.

A $59.00 Saltwater Rod with full cork handle? Hellbent inshore rods Review

No 8 Tackle is a sister company of 13 Fishing. They are based out of Tampa Florida and has increased in market share steadily in the last couple years.

I was visting the office they wanted me to try out a new rod they came out with call the Hell Bent inshore
They asked me to guess how much it was. I looked it, noticed the nice grip, the full cork handle and the fairly light weight. I blurted out $100 to $149 retail. They told me it was retailing for $59.00.

I don’t know about you but most ot he rods I have seen at $59.00 is either an ugly stick or fresh water rods that don’t last very long in the salt. I don’t believe I have even seen a $59.00 rod with full cork and stainless steel guides made for saltwater.


They let me use a medium light model to try out. I used it during a tournament and fished it for 8 hours on the water. I casted plugs, jigs and jerk baits. I must say it feels pretty good. Much nicer than any $59.00 rod I have ever used. The rod feels like a $100 rod easy.


The grip was contour, the cork when it gets wet you don’t loose grip. The weight was good, not as light as the high end $260 Envy rods which was understandable.


The rod has a nice soft tip. It cast lures well and should have no problem with shrimp and white bait.


If you are looking to get a decent rod under $60.00 it is definitely worth checking out. I would think guides would love this rod as well for their clients. I would recommend this rod to anyone wanting an economical good rod with cork and casting action. I’ve only tried one of the model but they have over 12 variations of the Hellbent rods all under $60.00





Chokoloskee, Everglades fishing April 6th 2015

Kent (of BLAF fame) and I took the opportunity to get out and fish this past Monday down in the west side of the Everglades aka Chokoloskee.


We are both owners of a Ranger Flats boat but we wanted to get in the back country so the Wingmaster Sandpiper 150 was the obvious choice.


Waking up the next morning to make the run we had breakfast at the local eatery. Most of the captains there said the fishing has been excellent which was a good great sign.

Most however has been fishing bait on the outside.


After about an hour run it did not take long for us to start getting hits on topwater. Unfortunately most top water blow ups was a swing and a miss.


After a few experimenting with new lures I switch to a white weedless jerk bait. The best combination we found was a white Logic Lure jerk bait and with a weighted Mustad Powerlock Hook.


The other lure that worked great was the Savage Gear 3D Manic shrimp. It was weedless and slow sinker which allow for it to hover right over the grass.

I was quite surprised how durable the shrimp was. I used one shrimp the entire trip but had to change out several of the jerk baits out. I was using the clear one bellow but I’m thinking about bringing the white version next time.





The bite was quite steady. We ended up catching about 30 snooks and 4 redfish through out the day.  We ran about 50 to 60 miles and burn about 4 gallons of gas. You have to love small boats. :)

Everglades run video using a Rail Blaza camera mount on the Poling platform.

A day in a life … fishing

I fished the Sticken’ Pigz tournament as the defending champ this year. We won it last year with a weight of over 15.5lbs for one trout and one red fish.

Weight was over 15.5 lbs

Weight was over 15.5 lbs

This year however it was not to be. All we could manage was average trout and no decent redfish for the weigh in.

However, I did bring my camera with me to document the day’s journey .. here is a 2 minute video I put together of the day’s events.

A day in a life … fishing

Sony A7s Low light photos and video, shooting at 20,000 iso

One of the things about getting photos at first light or in the evening is the lack of light. This is especially frustrating when the fish are tailing or tarpon are rolling you just can not get the shutter speed high enough to freeze the motion at low iso and at high iso there is too much noise.

Any solution before this has always been unaffordable for most people.

In 2014 Sony came out with a line of camera , the A7 series. One of the Camera is the A7s is currently the low light king. At only 12mp it is 1/3 the megapixel of the 36 of the A7r.

However since the the sensor are the same size it is very light sensitive making it an awesome in low light.

I shot with this camera last night from 8000 iso to 20,000 iso with out a use of any flash.

Sony A7s camera

Sony A7s

8000 iso

Sony A7s

Sony A7s

20,000 iso

20,000 iso
Sony A7s
20,000 iso

Mustad How to: The San Diego Jam knot with Ricky Teschendorf from 13fishing

Another Mustad How to:

I shot this yesterday at the 13 fishing office. Not too bad for shooting outside with construction noise all around me.

Originated as a fast and reliable way to tie heavy jigs by west coast tuna fisherman on long-range boats. It is quick and easy to tie.
Here Ricky Teschendorf from 13fishing shows us the San Diego jam knot.

Sea, Sky, and Travel- Moments Etched in Image by Jan Maizler




Sea, Sky, and Travel – Moments Etched in Image




Jan Maizler



Though photos got their start for me as support for content in articles and books, they’ve evolved into recording and journaling my passion for travel. Some of the destinations appearing here are St. Maarten, Miami, Alaska, Barbados, Belize, The Yucatan, Sanibel, Flamingo, Sarasota, Curacao, the Florida Keys, Israel, Greece, Louisiana, Italy, and Argentina. When photos are for my amusement instead of commercial requirements, I have no shame breaking all the rules. Focus and camera shake might be tossed to the wind, as will noise and graininess. Sometimes I saturate and boost to diabetic levels. My depth of field approaches are not consistent. I do think photos should be special units of emotions (both good and bad) and cherished memories as well as the traditional representational approach. Sometimes, it’s best not to just think out of the box- it’s best to leave that encumbrance entirely. More can be found at






















































































































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