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Biggest Snook in a long long time 40 Plus inches.

Last week I woke up at 2am to make the drive over to the east coast to do some snook fishing. It took almost 4 hours so that puts me at about 6am.

The place is to fish with Ryan and Colter, some new friends that I recently me through Instagram. They had been on some big snook and said today it was a good chance to get one.

The first couple hours was spent casting a fly at tailing giant snook to no avail. These big girls were coming in with tide and was not very hungry.

We were frustrated but moved on get some bait on the beach. Bait was not an problem. One throw of the net even 1/3rd open we had plenty.

Offshore we go, where chumming up the water brought in immediately lots of bonito. I manage to get my first bonito on fly. The 2nd one however was bitten in half by the sharks that joined the party. We got some great video how the ravenous the sharks were but soon got bored and decided to head in for a rest.

After a couple hours of staying out of the heat and a bite to eat we were ready for round two.

We manage to get some big mullet for bait this time around. This did the trick. We had 4 hits but only manage to land one fish but it was a damn good one.

This giant snook is largest snook since 2007! Thanks Ryan and Colter , will have have to come back with a bigger fly rod to get those bull sharks on fly!



A portable Fly line management system the Stripper Clip by Peter Hayes

A good stripping basket (like the Strip and Feed Research) will obviously be the ultimate boat fly line control device but what about when you are away from the boat. When you are traveling or trying to get into small cramp places a waist one will work but that is not always practical either.

Some one tagged me a post today about a fly line control mechanism that from the video seem to work pretty well. it’s worn on a belt and clips/control the fly line as you strip it in. When you cast it out it flows out effortlessly.

The video is a 2013 so I figure this would be available but to my surprise it is not.

Their Facebook page state they are still not available as of this writing August 2014 due to tooling issues.

I guess until it becomes available(if ever) we will always wonder if this really works as well as the demo video.

Pure Silver


Rick De Paiva


San Carlos Bay


Rick De Paiva


Sanibel Lighthouse


Rick De Paiva


Frigate City


Rick De Paiva


Punta Rassa sunset


Rick De Paiva


Pending fishing Road Trip agenda

I will be doing a road trip in September towing a small 2 man skiff from Tampa to Texas and then back. I am thining seven to 10 days and stopping along the coast to do some fishing. Here are a few places people have suggest. As it gets closer I can start to narrow things down.

Jet Ski accident caught on video

Some people just do not need to be on Jet Ski. This was a close call as no one got seriously hurt according to the story.


Going Down To Tuna-Town

Well, since  Jay Riordan stole my thunder on the Tuna fishing report I planed to post  I’m going to wing this months blog… I guess since Jay showed you how to catch em, I will show you how to cook em! There are several ways to eat your fresh caught Tuna, they include seared, raw or rolled into sushi or sashimi. Notice I did not mention anything about cooking it. A common mistake some  people make is cooking their tuna all the way through.  PLEASE DO NOT ruin fresh caught Tuna by cooking it all the way on the grill or God forbid baking it in the oven. Christ himself will not let you in the gates of heaven for an atrocity of this magnitude. I have cooked it all three ways to show you what the final results should look like. Enjoy!

>If you want it raw (my personal favorite) simply slice against the grain and serve with a little wasabi, avocado, soy and Siracha sauce:


>If you are going to sear it the link below is a simple and delicious marinade and recipe to follow:

Marinade & Recipe 

Tuna 1

>If you want to try your hand at rolling a little sushi this is a great instructional video that helped me with my first roll:


Take care, Sawyer