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Happy New year guys! 2013 is here I know many of you want to get fit this year.

Welcome to my fitness page. I started this to keep things separated from the main Saltyshores blog.

I’m not a personal trainer. I am not trying to sell you a diet program. I am also not a skinny kid in his 20s that got fit. I am a typical middle age guy(45 years old) that has let him self go and put on a bunch of weight. I can tell you, it would have been much easier if I was in my 20’s.

I wanted to call this “Sensible Fitness” because it will not be about being all locked up in the house watching every calories etc. It will be about feeling good and still being able to enjoy things in life. Things like social drinking, going off your routine every now and then. Essentially, live life in healthy moderation.

Here I will try to help and inform people that are interested in living a healthier more fit life style.

I vlog the first 100 days so I will be putting those video up as well.

These are just some of the things I will share with you guys:

Exercise routine I’ve learned
Supplements I’ve tried
Fitness apps
Fitness products
Food and Nutrition help
Rest timing
Travel and stay fit

I am by no means an expert but I know what has worked for me. Hopefully you can take away some information that I have provided that might work for you as well.

I also want to add I did it all natural, no hormones, steroids, etc. I have nothing against them and yes, it would have made my journey easier but I wanted to do it the natural way.

-Sam Root

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